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Full Residential Refurbishment Service in London

Residential refurbishment
The project of turning your house into your dream home with a full renovation unlocks a whole range of benefits.
It’s an opportunity to remodel your living space around family life, and create a beautiful, comfortable, even luxurious new home that matches your needs. If return on investment is what you’re looking for, a good renovation can also add value to your property. Especially if you’re extending as well, or adding extras such as a second bathroom, or another bedroom. It also gives you the chance to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home, which keeps saved fuel costs in your pocket.
We offer a full package of managing and carrying out the renovation. So we can save you time and help you avoid the hassle of coordinating a large and complex project. And of course you'll benefit from our expertise, experience, advice and dedication to creating a perfectly finished home.


Please check these examples of full refurbishment in Projects gallery:

Full House Refurbishment


What does complete refurbishment involve?
  • Generally this starts with a site visit and a full consultation about the feasibility of your project. Producing scope and set of drawings, followed by a quote, a written contract, and a programme for the works.
  • Once we enter construction phase we start with gutting and clearing the property. After this is complete we start any structural work to the interior. Then it is time to install elements of the dwelling, such as:
  1. Plumbing electrical and heating systems
  2. Insulation
  3. Floors, doors and windows
  4. Kitchen and bathroom fittings, followed by redecorating and finishing.
  • During the works we will be discussing the progress not less than once a week and you will get emails with questions re smaller decisions.
Guidance before you start or pre-construction phase
  • Permissions, regulations and agreements
  • Check with your local authority to see if your planned renovation falls under Permitted Development scheme. If not, you will need Planning Permission, so don’t forget to budget time (around 8 weeks) and money for this, as well as for drawings to support your application. You might also need to arrange a meeting with a planning officer to see if your project is likely to be approved. The costs are win few hundred pounds but it makes application process more certain.
  • If you’re a leaseholder you may need permission from the freeholder.
  • If you’re working with close proximity to walls or boundaries that you share with neighbours, you may need to sign with your neighbours Party Wall agreement as well.
  • It’s essential to check whether you need to notify for Building Control as well. The Building Control are there to make help homeowners and builders to comply with Building Regulations.
We can advise on of the above aspects:
  • What to consider before you start
  • Get clear on what you want to achieve before you start. This might be to increase the value of a property for sale, or to accommodate the changing needs of your family, or just to make your home more functional, comfortable and liveable. This will also help you to be clear on where you want to prioritise and focus your budget, and will help you save any costs associated with changes to the scope or fittings and finishes part-way through the project.
  • When allocating your budget, don’t underestimate contingency costs! When getting a house, especially an older property, unexpected issues can emerge. Those issues can include:
  1. Old plumbing or antique wiring that needs replacing
  2. Crumbling lather plaster
  3. Mould from hidden leaks
  4. Dry rot
  •  Set aside a portion of your budget for this — around 15-20% — and include some flexibility in your project completion expectations to accommodate time for dealing with it.
  • When considering some of the original features, why not consider restoring rather than replacing? This will help to retain the character of the property, but not necessarily be a cheaper option.
  • When it comes to the electrics and heating, though, older buildings might need a complete rewiring, as well as a new heating system. This is a good chance to upgrade your home for your current and future needs, adding extra lighting and sockets, as well as swapping that old heating system and boiler for a new one which will offer better performance and efficiency.
  • We can manage your entire project from start to finish. This will enable you to keep your refurbishment on track, and you'll benefit from our experience in being able to anticipate problems, manage the different trades involved efficiently, and advise on choices. This will save you time and potentially money.
How much does a complete renovation cost?
  • Costs will vary greatly depending on the extent and specification of the renovation or the type of materials required, as well as whether you want to extend the property and replace the kitchen / bathroom.
  • For a full renovation of a house, budget upwards of £900 per sq. metre  subject to vat.


Can I live in my house while it’s being refurbished?
It is possible to stay in your house during a refurbishment, though of course you’ll have phases with increased dust and noise, interruption to your water, electricity and water supply meaning you’re without the use of your kitchen or bathroom. It’s recommended to move out if possible, at least for the work intensive parts.
How long does a house refurbishment take?
It varies greatly depending on the extent of the refurbishment and the condition of the property, but allow for somewhere in the range of 3 to 6 months for apartment and 3 to 9 months for the house.
In terms of the progress of the works, preventing problems is better than troubleshooting: we have a dedicated project manager to keep everything on track, manage costs and handle any unexpected issues in the renovation, as well as communicate with you and foresee any possible problems. We only work with tradesmen we trust, so you can feel confident to hand over your keys and let us get on with the work. Our team are covered by Professional Liability Insurance.
Finally, for any defects after hand-over, we have a defects liability period, when we will come back and rectify any issues.
What do I need to do to prepare an estimate?
  • Get in touch with us to arrange a site visit and consultation.
  • Please forward photos and plans of the property.
  • If you have an idea of your budget, and what you want to achieve with that, along with any plans that you might already have drawn up, that’s also helpful.