London House Extensions

Why to build an extension?

dsc_6888Open-plan interiors achieved through house extensions and alterations have always been a growing trend in London. People choose to extend and alter their homes for various reasons, such as to suit family needs or to increase their property value. Family needs Extension allows you to increase the living space of your house, whether you have a new addition to the family or just need a separate room. Why move if you can extend? Property development We often receive enquiries from clients who want to buy and develop a property to suit their needs. Property development creates great investment opportunities. Buying a property and investing in building works can potentially offer you a better return for your money than just keeping it in the bank. Many projects, completed by us, have given our clients a great increase in their property value. Rental market If you rent your property, extending it will increase its value and your rental return. Better value Do not want to relocate? Can't find a property that suits your needs for your budget? Despite the economic conditions, property prices in London seem to be steadily climbing upward. Considering how difficult it is to find your ideal home in London, extending seems like a valid option, which will also increase your property value. Book a consultation with AFL Construction to find out how much it would cost you to extend your property, so you can make a rational decision. Our team would be happy to support you in making your house transformation dream a reality.

How to build an extension? Guidance where to start your project.

afl-construction_46-montipilier-road-8Building an extension doesn’t limit to construction phase only. There are many documentations and permissions that must be obtained before you could actually start works. DRAWINGS - First of all, would be preparation of drawings and the design. They will be required by the planning department, building control, structural engineer and a builder. When designing your new space, it is important to considerate the purpose of use and the value that it will bring for you. Even the simplest extension might cost as much as a high class car. DESIGN - Apart from the above, when choosing the details such as shape, height, number and type of windows or roof you need to remember that each of them might have significant impact on cost of your project, for example: flat roofs are usually cheaper than sloped roofs or the square extension would be cheaper than ‘L’ shaped extension with the same floor area. PLANNING PERMISSION - Another valid point would be your area’s design restrictions. Before you finalise your drawings you should contact your planning department to find out what should be considered. It might happen that the addition you are planning to build falls under permitted development. Having prepared your design and drawings, you are ready to apply for planning permission. The time of the process varies from 6 to 8 weeks. Any amendments to the plans or alterations after the permission is granted would add additional 2 weeks to your waiting time. PARTY WALL AGREEMENT - Provided that you have received planning permission you are very close to the start, although before you let the builder on site you would need to check whether you do not need to get one of the below:

  • Party wall agreement – yes, if you share your party walls or boundaries with a neighbour and your extension falls under the party wall act you would need to get his permission too. You can find out more about party walls HERE.
  • Freeholder’s permission – if you are not a freeholder of the building depending on your contract you might need to get their permission as well.

STRUCTURAL CALCULATIONS - Finally, after sorting out all the paperwork there might be only one obstacle on your way: structural calculations. You would need them in order to prove to Building Control that the structure would be strong enough and the openings that you create are safe and sound. Now you can let your builder demolish your garden and create the mess for the next few months. But remember that Building control would have to be notified about the development by you and appointed for particular stages of the construction works.

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