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Bathroom in Bow, E3, London

Some years ago, before AFL Construction had moved its offices in Wimbledon, we had been based in the district of Bow, East End of London. During this time, we had been sought out by a client looking to refurbish his bathroom and replace the flooring of the living room.

For this property’s refurbishment, Andrius and his team drove out for the task.

For starters, along with the client, we started drawing out the plans to make their ideas come to life. They had been looking to renovate their bathroom into a more modern iteration with neat and elegant white metro tiles. This in turn, would be contrasted with an ideal wall featuring a balanced shade of dark.

So, we put our hands onto the task and by the time the job was done, we were presented by an amazing new room. This combination made the bathroom into a sort of modern yin and yang temple!

With the bathroom sorted out, the client further requested us to work on the house’s living room as well. He was looking for an expert replacement of the flooring into wood.

Hands on the task, we stripped the living room’s floor off clean and the old carpet was now replaced by shining newly engineered wood boards!

By the time our boys packed up their tools, and the project was finished, the property had now a gleaming feel of a new house!

Below are some pictures of our project and a virtual tour of the home for you to explore.

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