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House refurbishment and loft conversion in Peckham, SE15, London

For the following project,  a couple wanted to give their house a bottom to top refurbishment.  They had an incredibly clear view of what they wanted to accomplish and had just been looking for the right contractor. After finding us, they promptly requested our services to make their vision reality. As such, the AFL team led by Andrius made their way to the increasingly trendy district of Peckham, South London.

The clients wanted to refurbish their home into a modern and open plan. It had to be trendy, clean, minimal, sleek and bright. For this, a series of smart solutions had to be implemented along their clear cut vision of what had to be achieved.

Firstly, we had to change the internal layout. To do so, we had to tear walls down and let the openness of the space come to be.

Furthermore, we rearranged the electrical and plumbing installations as per the layout modifications of the house and the addition of a shower room.

As for other details, we had added brand-new built-in cupboards and a new door, set up a retro sink for the bathroom and a ceiling extractor in the kitchen, created new wall openings to add narrow and big windows, built three skylights, finished the walls with plaster boards and plastering, added a brand new micro-concrete flooring and finally, placed COR-TEN ® steel sheets as a fence for the inner courtyard which were decorated with gardening on top.

One of the challenges we had to face in this project and had to devise an interesting solution for was the workaround  for the stipulations on fire hazard safety. Simply put, now that we had torn the firewalls down to allow for the open space, the property did not comply to the regulations anymore. To solve this, we added a mist control system. Once this system detects fire, it releases thick mist that will hinder the spread of or stop the fire altogether.

We found this project very interesting overall, but having to mention a few, the micro-concrete flooring and the COR-TEN steel sheets ® are quite expensive and deluxe materials and it is a joy handling them. Aesthetically speaking, we really liked the narrow windows and the new layout both for the inner and outer courtyard and the added decorations and popping colors.

Finally, we and the client were very pleased with the work - they even had requested us to go over-budget to trust us to use the best materials possible.

This project was done simultaneously with a dormer extension for the same property and clients. We have given it a dedicated page. See HERE to learn more.

Below are some pictures and a virtual tour of the home for you to explore.

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