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Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations London

Kitchen renovations

AFL Construction-Kitchen renovations

AFL Construction provides different kind of renovations depending on what you'd like to accomplish and what your visions of a renovated home look like.
Firstly, with our pool of tradesmen, we have craftsmen for all kinds of jobs, to build the highest quality kitchens. Moreover, you can still acquire the services of our tradesmen long after we have completed your project.
Above all, when it comes to renovations, we want to bring your vision into fruition. With experience and creativity, we will bring the best out of your home. We always strive to reach the highest levels of finish regardless of how big or small the project is.
These jobs require tradesmen with ample knowledge. It is such, that we have plenty of it. Whether it requires plumbing, tilling, cabinet alterations or customization, electrical installation, stone or other trades.
We have built countless kitchens, and we continue looking forward to our next challenges.

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Bathroom renovations

AFL Construction-Bathroom renovations

A brand new bathroom is the perfect way to add value to your property and create a whole new level of comfort and luxury. Ever wonder why they call the bathroom a temple and the toilet a throne?
For over five years, we've been fitting bathrooms to exceptional standards of quality and finish.
We always put together a team of certified and most experienced tradesmen to take care of every detail. From plumbing and electrical installations, to tilling, alterations and stone work.

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