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Kitchen Extension Remodelling In Peckham, SE15, London

The following project brought our team to the district of Peckham, where our client had trusted us to rebuild a kitchen extension and do the remodeling for them - and some other further works in their property.

Our clients this time had already a preexisting extension on their property. It was quite old but most importantly it had been done rather poorly. They loved cooking together, and they had grown exhausted of doing so in a cold, drafty and uncomfortable kitchen. It was time to give their passion a well deserved upgrade.

For starters, we tore down the outworn and old extension and rebuilt it from the ground up. The entire roof had been replaced and we included a skylight with . Furthermore, we added in insulating walls and underfloor heating - reworking all the plumbing and electrics. On the latter, we set new tiles. We also fitted aluminum bi-fold patio doors leading to the garden.

Leading to the garden, we laid pavement slab tiles, same as the ones in the kitchen, on the garden´s terrace. Next to it, we made big flower pots with a storage space within to be both aesthetic and utilitarian. Finally, for the garden, we built a beautiful pond for the clients´carps.

Now, as for the content of the new extension. We installed an amazing kitchen from our partners at Neptune. With this, we also added a smoke extractor on the roof. On another side, we installed a breathtaking ´Green Wall´. This wall would have its own little garden to add greenery to the kitchen. For this, we also included a plumbing for automatic watering.

As for other miscellaneous work around the house, we installed an L-Shaped Toilet-Sink on the bathroom.

Some challenges present on this home build project were, for example, the extractor and the toilet.

The extractor had to be installed on a slanted surface and also the position had to be precise. This is because it was added during the initial phase of the build along with the beaming and roofing. Therefore it had to be precisely calculated where the kitchen would later be installed.

As for the toilet-sink, it was mostly an issue with fitting. The toilet-sink was heavy, big and the room it would go in was very tight. Getting it in and installing it required clever positioning.

As for the interesting features we very much loved of the house, we have the ´Green Wall´ and the fish pond. We found them to be attractive extras to an already astonishing build.

The project was successfully completed our client´s were very happy with the new extension!

Below are some pictures and a virtual tour of the home for you to explore.

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