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Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen fitters and installers

Starting kitchen renovation

  • Be your own home designer. With internet at your fingertips there are so many sources available for an inspiration. Use pinterest to make collections of the images you like, houzz has many ideas specifically for home design. You are looking for style of cabinets, worktop, splash back, appliances and decoration scheme for rest of the room. Pay attention to smaller details that complement the look- window dressing, cornices, lighting, electrical fittings.
  • Once you have your style narrowed down: look for suppliers, again images on their websites usually will give you ideas also visiting showrooms will certainly help you decide. Most popular "trade" kitchen cabinet suppliers are Magnet, Howdens, Benchmarx. High street suppliers such as Wren kitchens, John Lewis and others. Almost any diy store now has kitchen department. And of course the Ikea has a range of kitchens.


  • Even if kitchen company provides installation service, it is worth getting a quote from us as you will potentially save pounds.
  • If you are going ahead with installer subcontracted by kitchen supplier, of then they do what is called "dry fit". This means they will not do any building works, and plumbing and electrics must be ready for them. Once they fit cabinets we have to come back for 2nd fix. We can do all the required building, decorating, plumbing and electrical work.
  • Before installation not unusual to find after kitchen cabinets are stripped that old plumbing and appliances leaked or are leaking. Even tiny water drip can cause damage to walls and floors causing mould and deterioration of building fabric. We would be able then to advice and make necessary repair works.
  • Kitchen renovation depending on the size and complexity can take between 1 week for kitchenette to 4 weeks for large custom kitchen room including minor building works.

Planning the layout

  • Changing layout will have costs to move water and electrical points. If you are happy with current layout keep it and the budget will be considerably less.
  • Book kitchen designer site visit-Usually kitchen supplier will send kitchen designer to the site.
  • Visit one of the kitchen showrooms where kitchen designer will create plans and visuals for you. Have your floor plan print out, measurements and maybe few pictures. If you are not good at plans maybe you have estate agents plan? That might be sufficient for estimating. However, before proceeding with order ask the designer or kitchen installer (us) to check the plan.
  • Think of the splash back- most popular being a tiled surface, but you have stone, glass, acrylic panels, mirror, water proof paint and range of other materials. If you getting custom splash back made - send them a kitchen plan and for estimate. Make sure you mark sockets, or any cut outs for the quote to avoid additional charges later.
  • The lights, switches and sockets - even though they are the last things to be fitted you need to wire electrics right at the beginning. Unless you are simply replacing them with like for like fittings.

Choosing your other fittings, finishes and appliances

  • Kitchen appliances: Another obvious saving tip is- shop for your appliances. Even if your kitchen designer is trying to persuade with guarantees or other incentives, check the deals for the appliances you like and give them a list so they pick cabinets to suit. Pay attention to large items such as fridges - will your doorways be wide enough? Also gas appliances you have to consider ventilation and running gas supply if there isn't one in place already. Read gas appliance manual and speak to gas engineer for any issues. Some induction hobs are really power hungry - speak to our electrician if your fuse box can accommodate it. Extractors read the specification before buying, pay attention how they recirculate the air, do they need to be ducted out and how powerful are they.
  • What are you doing for the kitchen floor? Tiles being most popular floor surface easy to clean, practical. However, you can get wood or laminate that is durable enough to be installed in the kitchen which is moist environment with occasional spill.
  • Doors, windows, architraves and skirting if they are made of wood can be sanded down and repainted or replaced with new fittings altogether.
  • Lighting will play the role in the finished look, so you might look to replace those light fittings and add on the lighting under kitchen cabinets.
  • The walls and ceiling - Think of your decoration colors, have your color list or schedule when the decorator arrives. We can buy all the supplies for you and deliver them for a small fee so you don't have to worry about the logistics.

We will register your warranties, and handover gas and electrical installation certificates.

So here is our advice, but if you have questions or need help finding suppliers please email us and we will be happy to help.

Enjoy your new and beautiful home!