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House refurbishment in Pimlico, SW1, London

Amongst beautiful and quiet streets, there is a lovely home hidden in the heart of Pimlico.

Back in 2016, in these same London roads there was an AFL Constructions van parked. From which our Managing Director, Andrius, would lead our boys into another amazing project once again.

The job this time was a house refurbishment in what used to formerly be a showhouse. Concealed in a charming garden courtyard and surrounded by taller buildings – effectively making the house akin to a hidden paradise, privy from people on the streets.

One of the things that made this project so much fun to work with, is the fact that houses like these are incredibly rare in the zone. Pimlico is an upscale residential area made of rows of flats distinctive of 19th Century Regency architecture. Within the district, only a few showhouses are to be found within these hidden gardens – and AFL got to refurbish one of them!

The owner had decades ago already converted this showhouse into his residence. But now he had greater ideas for it that required our expertise and experience. And when we discussed with the client what he envisioned for his property; we knew we were up to a fun challenge.

The client was a huge fan of James Bond films, and perhaps it would have been because of this, that he had wanted to refurbish his house into a modern, smart and spacious residence. Certainly, the place had already been modern and open spaced, but he needed us to kick it up another level.

To start with, we rearranged the whole internal layout of the first floor. With this, we managed to fit an entirely new open kitchen on the property. Enhancing the open concept plan of the house even further.

Later, to make the house get a finer modern look, we decided to expose and decorate the steel beams. Combined with the open space, the first floor now had a special touch of modern industrial design.

On another hand, we also renovated and varnished the staircase to give it that new look but with the same old feel. Of course, we also gave the bathroom a nice high standard refitting up to par to the rest of the property.

Finally, because every client will want to save on their bills, we went on and equipped the entire house with electrical underfloor heating. This was the best choice, compared to the old and outdated electrical radiators. Now the owner can control the heating through a mobile app – how convenient!

All this combined, the refurbishment gave birth to a private and modern stunner of a home. We are not sure if it’s only us, but the home now reminds us of hidden lairs that a certain hero frequents.

Perhaps, our client was expecting Mr. Bond all along!

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