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House Extension to the Rear and Side, Loft Conversion and Full 4 Bedroom House Refurbishment In Streatham, SW16, London

In this project, Andrius led our team to the district of Streatham in South London. The client this time were a lovely couple and their soon to be bigger family. They had been looking for a complete work on their home - rear and side extensions, a loft conversion and a full house refurbishment to the highest standards. For this they reached out to us and requested our expertise and experience to execute their vision of a new home.

For this project, the expecting mother had brought a designer from her home country and therefore there was much modern Swedish influence in this build.

Firstly, for the ground floor, extensions were build to allow for an open plan kitchen, dining room, and living room. These were refurbished and reffited along with the utility room, the front reception and a toilet.

Following with the first floor, we continued the refurbishing and refitting with the master bedroom, the walk-in closet - which also acted as a little hallway - leading to master bathroom. We worked on another bedroom in this floor along with the family bathroom.

Then, for the mezzanine, we worked on a loft conversion, and also a bedroom, shower room and their small library.

Finally, this whole project required us to install an entirely new heating arrangement, including a system boiler, megaflo cylinder and underfloor heating.

One of the challenges that we faced in this project involved the structural works. There were many heavy steel beams that had to be redesigned by our engineers so they could be appropriately used in our construction.

The project's budget had been increased by our clients, as after seeing our progress and quality decided to make the most out of it. Time-wise, we completed the project well within the estimates.

Actually, our client's neighbors had also hired contractors and developers to work on something very similar to our project on their home. They had begun roughly 2 to 3 months before us, yet by time we finished they were still going at it. This made for a really amusing work environment, as we remember how we used to joke with each other about our projects.

This contrast, also made it easier for our client to understand the general scope of timing for a project and in specific, the quality of work that AFL is so proud of.

After the project had concluded, we and our clients were incredibly happy with the results. Where there once lay a common house, now stood a splendid home.

Our clients were very happy and thankful for our work, but so were we for the opportunity to do extraordinary work and also their understanding. It is not easy to live in one's house while constructions are going on-site, and we imagine it must have been harder for a family with a pregnant wife. We sincerely thank them not only for their understanding, but for their collaboration in getting this project finished as best and as quick as possible.

Below are some pictures of our project (during and after) and a virtual tour of the home for you to explore.

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