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Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom, shower and wetroom fitters and installers

Bathroom renovations London - usually is a smallest room in the household which can present quite a challenge when planing.

Please read through some of the bathroom renovation tips below.

Planning the layout of bathroom renovations London
  • Changing your bathroom layout you will add costs to the budget as plumbing will have to be altered to suit new layout.
  • Not all buildings are suitable for wet room or low/slim shower trays. This is due to drainage requires space in below finished floor level. Some floors you cannot make room for plumbing pipework or drainage point itself is too high. We are happy to consult you before you decide on any layout changes.
  • Water supply is pressurised so it is not a problem to connect sanitary ware appliances anywhere in the room.
  • However, sewage is slightly different story. Runs of excessive length, too many bends and not enough slope will cause your drain blockage. Certainly something you want to avoid in your new bathroom. We will install traps and air admittance valves where required. This is to prevent smells and gurgling.
  • Waste pumps most popular brand being Saniflow, if possible best avoided or only for toilet or shower occasional use. They are expensive to install and require maintenance. However, if you need one it offers flexibility with where you can install you sanitary ware.
Choosing your sanitary ware and works
  • Use help choosing fittings from bathroom designer to supplier. Speak to us before you order, we might notice some incompatibilities.
  • Mixers for shower and bath are designed for certain pressure, make sure you buy right fittings. Of course we can help here.
  • What are you doing for the walls and floors in the bathroom? Most popular are the tiles, but there are options such as stone, shower panels, acrylic surfaces such as corian.
  • Don't forget about small fittings which we can fit for you as well. Towel hooks, toilet roll holder, tooth brush glass holder and anything else you need in the bathroom.
  • Decoration: The walls and ceiling - Think of your decoration colors, have your list or schedule well before the decorator arrives. We suggest you use moisture resistant pains. You can get matt paints that are moisture resistant such as Dulux diamond white or equivalents in other brands. We can buy all supplies for you and deliver for a small fee so you don't have to worry about the logistics.
Keep your bathroom warm and dry
  • Extractor is a must. Usually it is hooked on light circuit and stays on after the light is off for another 15 mins to ventilate and take humidity out.
  • You can use insulating board such as wedi board to insulate external walls to reduce the condensation on the walls. This will make your bathroom dryer and more pleasant to use.
  • Consider electric underfloor heating. It is both easy and not expensive to install below the floor finish. It will keep your feet warm and your bathroom dry.

Hope you have found these tips about bathroom renovation usefull. If you have any questions or need help finding a supplier we will be happy to hear from you. Contact us today.